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We will modernise your business AND reduce your costs

How do businesses transform so that staff and partners work together better and improve services for less cost? At BNS we recognise that selecting cloud solutions is not just a technology choice, but commonly forms part of a much wider organisational objective. We help organisations adopt Microsoft Office 365 for Business or Google Apps for Work. This allows our clients to refocus IT resources towards innovation by utilising the power, collaboration and reduced costs of cloud computing. Our mission is to ensure all organisations have a smooth and secure transition from their current environment to Google’s or Microsoft’s highly reliable and scalable infrastructure in the cloud. 

We offer a range of remote and onsite services to transition clients from legacy messaging systems to Google Apps for Work or Office 365. We only deploy engineers and consultants that are fully qualified Microsoft or Google Engineer Specialists. Whether your requirements are straightforward remote migration or a more complex onsite project, our team is extremely committed to supporting you every step of the way to reaping the benefits of Cloud Computing.

Business transformation

Moving to the cloud is a significant step for any organisation but there are enormous business benefits:

  • Support culture change by empowering staff with easy to use tools
  • Develop skills for the future, providing simple tools to learn and innovate
  • Provide simple technology that enables staff to focus on Services not I.T.
  • Facilitate access through any device, from anywhere to help promote work life balance
  • Increase job satisfaction through productivity improvements and problem solving
  • Engender a greater feeling of ‘One Organisation’ through improved collaboration and sharing

Technical transformation

Moving to the cloud also gives clear technical benefits with cloud-based computing approach:

  • Interoperability standards integrate with systems and business processes
  • Flexibility to change with service demands
  • Reuse of data and single version of the truth
  • Self service and support for users
  • Reduced costs plus improved capability
  • High service levels with no downtime and low cost

If you WANT to become a successful business Brimmer Networking Solutions will MAKE it happen.

Total Cloud Solution Services

Migrate and Deploy with peace of mind with Certified Systems Engineers

Deployment & Migration

Brimmer Networking Solutions can ensure a smooth and successful deployment across your organisation by managing your users’ transition to Google Apps or Office 365. We follow Microsoft’s and Google’s approved 3 phase methodology for deploying Office 365 and Google for Work. The goal of this model is to accomplish a deployment quickly and give users the best possible customer experience.

User Adoption & Training

Brimmer Networking Solutions offer training packages to suit your requirements. Our training helps you develop the skills to communicate, collaborate and create with your new Cloud solution.

Change Management

Brimmer Networking Solutions can ensure a smooth and successful deployment across your organisation by managing your users’ transition to Google Apps or Office 365. We help get your users quickly up-to-speed with any solution.

Support Services

We are proud to be able to offer a world class support service to our global customers. Our engineers are certified and highly experienced in dealing with technical support inquiries. They are rated highly by our clients for their ability to resolve issues promptly and professionally. Our support services can range from telephone and email support to a fully managed Google and Microsoft products.


Using World Leading Companies technologies

Microsoft & Google


Microsoft Office 365

Bringing you tomorrow


Increase user productivity and keep your organization safe, while maintaining the control you need, with 50GB Storage.

Get business email and increase productivity, while keeping your organization safe.

Exchange lets you tailor your solution based on your unique needs and ensures that your communications are always available, while you remain in control. Move to the cloud overnight, deploy on-premises, or manage a hybrid deployment with mailboxes that are both online and on-premises. Manage powerful capabilities, including data loss prevention and Office 365 Groups, your users can keep important data in one place and you can take control of your storage and compliance demands.

Exchange helps protect business communication and sensitive information, simplifying internal and regulatory compliance. Built-in defenses against viruses, spam, and phishing attacks actively protect your communications. Data loss prevention features identify, monitor, and protect sensitive data through deep content analysis, and Policy Tips in Outlook inform users about policy violations before sensitive data is sent.

Microsoft Project Online

Microsoft Project Online is a powerful tool for managing projects, tracking documents, and delivering results. The Garrigan Lyman Group created an equally powerful video clearly showcasing the new features—all in the new Windows brand.

Easily plan & manage your projects with intuitive controls and flexible team tools to help your organization deliver the intended business value.

Be efficient and prioritize by aggregating everyday work, project tasks, important details, and multiple timelines in a visually rich and contextual interface.

Manage anywhere with tools to keep you connected with your team and on top of your projects while you’re on the go.

Microsoft One Drive

OneDrive for Business provides 1 TB of storage for users to manage work files, with the ability for IT to protect important company data.

When you save your files to OneDrive, you can access them from all your favorite devices, including PCs, Macs, tablets, and mobile phones.

Create, edit and share documents from any device. Work together with other people at the same time.

Keep all your work files in OneDrive, Microsoft cloud storage. Access and share them from your phone, tablet, or computer.

Word, Excel & Powerpoint

Create Spreadsheets, documents and Power Point presentations with Office 365. Real-time collaboration allowing users to edit and work on the same files at the same time.

Organize your numeric or text data in spreadsheets or workbooks. Viewing it in context helps you make more informed decisions.

The familiar Word program lets you create, edit, and share work quickly and easily. Most people can open and work with a document in Word. It’s the most popular word processing program in the world.

Use Presenter View in PowerPoint review and rehearse your presentations. When you project your presentation to a second screen, Presenter View displays your current slide, speaker notes, and the next slide in your deck.

Skype For Business

Online meetings with Skype for Business.

Meet with up to 250 people—even if they’re not on Skype for Business. All they need is a phone or internet connection.

See your contacts’ online statuses, schedule meetings in Outlook, and start conversations from apps like Word and PowerPoint.

Conversations are protected by strong authentication and encryption, and you manage employee accounts and features.


Simplify and communicate complex information with data-linked diagrams that you can create in just a few clicks. Visio makes diagramming simple.

Get started with Visio easily with a select set of pre-crafted starter diagrams and contextual tips and tricks.Use smart shapes to boost productivity, and leverage new themes and effects to customize and complete professional-looking diagrams faster.

Connect data to the visualization of an organizational structure, IT network, manufacturing plant, or complex business processes to grasp performance in one glance. Visio shapes can be linked to multiple data sources including Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Excel Services, Active Directory, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft SQL Azure, and Microsoft SharePoint Lists and Business Connectivity Services.

Communicate and share your flow chart, timeline, process maps, organizational structure, IT architecture, or floor plan across the enterprise through a browser with Visio Services in Office 365 or SharePoint. As your underlying data refreshes, your diagrams is refreshed in the browser. Work together on the same diagram at the same time and easily see reviewers’ comments—in both Visio and Visio Services.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a growing collection of integrated cloud services—analytics, computing, database, mobile, networking, storage, and web—for moving faster, achieving more, and saving money.


Google Apps for Work

It really is this simple


Email with Google-powered search offering up to 30GB of storage for each user, offline support, custom email addresses, with 99.9% uptime SLA. and much more.

Gmail works on any computer or mobile device with a data connection and offline support lets you keep working even when you’re disconnected. Whether you’re at your desk, in a meeting, or on a plane, your email is there.

Gmail is designed to make you more productive. 30GB of storage means you never have to delete anything, powerful search lets you find everything, and labels and filters help you stay organized

Your inbox isn’t just about messages, it’s about people too. Text, voice, and video chat lets you see who’s online and connect instantly. See your contacts’ profile photos, recent updates and shared docs next to each email.


Google Apps for Work offers a fully integrated calendar allowing the user to easily schedule meetings at times that work for everyone, get meeting reminders, and share calendars.

Calendar sharing makes it easy to find time with the people you work with and the the ‘Find a Time’ tool and event reminders help simplify the task of setting and attending your meetings suggests meeting times that work for everyone.

Organise your day with Calendar and get event reminders on your phone or in your inbox. Attach files or docs to your event so you have the right materials when your meeting starts.

Create an event calendar and embed it on your website or set up appointment slots so customers can choose the best time for them.

Google Drive

Save and share all your files everywhere you are on the web, in your home, at the office and on the go.

Google Drive gives you access to your work from anywhere, across your Mac, PC, mobile devices and on the web. Simply download Drive on your Mac or PC to sync files from your computer to the cloud. Update a file on one device and changes are automatically saved to Drive and your other device, so you have the most up-to-date version of your files wherever you need them.

Share files or whole folders with individuals, your entire team or even customers and partners. In the Docs, Sheets and Slides editors multiple people can work on the same document at the same time.

Start with up to 30GB of included storage for each of your users. Need more? Addition storage can be purchased up to 16TB of additional storage for each user.

Docs & Sheets

Create awesome documents, spreadsheets and presentations with Google Docs. Real-time collaboration allowing users to edit and work on the same files at the same time.

Create rich documents with images, tables, equations, drawings, links and more. Gather input and manage feedback with social commenting.

Keep and share lists, track projects, analyse data and track results with our powerful spreadsheet editor. Use tools like advanced formulas, embedded charts, filters and pivot tables to get new perspectives on your data.

Create beautiful slides with our presentation editor, which supports things like embedded videos, animations and dynamic slide transitions. Publish your presentations on the web so anyone can view them, or share them privately.


Stay connected with colleagues through instant messaging and video chat.

With Hangouts you can have a group chat, and easily turn it into a video or voice conversation right on your laptop, mobile phone or tablet. Meet face-to-face with up to 15 coworkers or customers from anywhere with just a click

Turn any Hangout into a live video call with up to 15 co-workers or simply search for a contact to start a voice call from your computer.

Hangouts works on computers, Android and Apple devices, so you can connect with everyone, and no one gets left out.


Create websites, project sites and intranet pages for free. Simple to set-up (no coding needed) and easy to use.

Build project sites without writing a single line of code. It’s as easy as writing a document. And, to save even more time, you can choose from hundreds of pre-built templates.

Use your site to organise everything from calendars to documents to presentations to videos. Built-in Google-powered search makes it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for later.

Share your site with your team, your entire company or even a customer or partner with the click of a button. You control who can view and who can edit your site and you can always adjust settings later.

Google Vault

Google Apps Vault is an add-on for Google Apps for Work that lets you retain, archive, search, and export your email for your eDiscovery and compliance needs.