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Get a cloud environment that works - right from the start

Brimmer Network Solutions is changing the way businesses work. We will speed up and modernise your company while reducing the costs of existing processes.

Don’t get left behind. A scalable, reliable, high-performing cloud environment is made of much more than just servers. Brimmer Networking Solutions will help you design the right combination of compute, network, storage, and traffic management services – so your environment meets your current needs, but also has the flexibility to grow with your business.

We will also provide valuable expertise in the things you struggle with the most, including architecting for scale, monitoring, responding to alerts, and running your cloud environment’s operations and administration.


Rather than purchasing servers, software, datacenter space or network equipment, we provide cloud services and resources as a fully outsourced service on demand, thus increasing productivity, reducing costs and never worry about growth.


We manage the creation of web applications quickly and easily and without the complexity of buying and maintaining the software and infrastructure underneath it.


SaaS has become a common delivery model for many business applications, including office and messaging software. We have the potential to reduce your IT costs by outsourcing hardware and software maintenance through the cloud.

Most common Cloud Services we provide

Data Storage

We address the challenge and need for managing, storing, accessing and recovering large amounts of data. With DaaS ‘searchability’ is faster and time spent backing up data is significantly reduced all at a relatively low cost.


Brimmer Networking Solutions provide an email management service to its customers that move the responsibility of daily email management from the customer to us, reducing costs maintaining a dedicated email infrastructure.


Our Backup Cloud is a comprehensive, yet simple, complete, and cost-effective local and cloud backup and recovery solution that equips service providers to solve their customers’ data protection problems


Our cloud services allow you to work and access your e-mails, data (all file types) from anywhere, anytime and from any device. We give you mobility to let you boost your productivity and drive growth.